Danesbury Home, Welwyn

Stained glass design for Danesbury Unit entitled "Danesbury Days"

Newspaper article in The Mercury about Tessa's Danesbury windowWatercolour sketch of Danesbury Days designThis window depicts a sunrise and events in a day at Danesbury Home for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis. Tessa has received 1000 funding from HVAF Open Studios to complete this project, and also organised a charity concert which raised 1400.

The design is composed of the following: sunrise, sunset, the cycles of the moon, the tree of life, blossom, flowers, fruits and birds, the four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - to be designed into tiny scenes in the corners, similar in tone to the landscape and flowers of the appropriate season. The outline of the logo appears against the sunrise. This is a working design to illustrate colours, approximate composition and lead lines.

Melissa helps Tessa to design the window with patients' cameosHere you can see Tessa and her assistant Melissa planning the window in the hospital with a full-size photocopy of the design sketches, onto which are attached some of the residents' paintings which will be incorporated as cameos in different areas.

Constructing the cycles of the moonPart of the unfinished window depicting the cycles of the moonDuring September 2008, the window was under construction and on view at Tessa's Open Studio before being leaded up on October 3rd and 6th. Below you can see the lead being soldered to enclose the panes of glass, and Tessa brushing off excess wax.

Tessa brushing excess wax off the window Fabrizia helping Terry Terry soldering the lead lines Closeup of Terry soldering the lead lines Terry carefully moving the window ready for transporting Terry preparing to lift the window

The finished window was installed at Danesbury Home on 15th October 2008 by Terry Lankester, and the grand unveiling for the public and press took place on 21st October.

Terry carefully lifting the window into its place The top of the Danesbury window Phases of the moon in the Danesbury window The Danesbury window seen through the entrance doors The Danesbury window in situ The Danesbury window with residents and staff