Exhibitions of Tessa's work

'Carpe Diem' on show at the 40cm2 exhibition

This piece (which is for sale) entitled "Carpe Diem", which means "seize the day" in Latin, is a semi-realistic reclining white figure reviewing the sun rise.

Tessa's work is available to view each September as part of Herts Open Studio, or by appointment at other times. She was featured in the book "Glass At Central" by Hildegard Pax, about students of Central Saint Martin's School Of Art, where Tessa studied Postgraduate Studies in Stained Glass and Transparent Imagery.

In the past, Tessa has shown her work at:

Tessa's work has been featured in a short film about synaesthesia called "An Eyeful Of Sound" by Samantha Moore. Here you can see Tessa painting sounds.

If you would like to exhibit Tessa's work, please get in touch.