Fused Glass

Glass inside the kiln ready to be fusedFusing glass means firing (in a kiln, to melting point) pieces of glass overlapping each other, so that the colours and shapes are incorporated into a single pane of glass with fascinating tints and textures.

This stimulating and exciting technique, neglected since Roman times, is now coming back into fashion.

Having learnt the skill from the well-known Dutch glass-fuser Frank van der Ham, and after experimenting in my studio for the last eighteen years, I am producing very sound and efficient fused panels.

For example, I have made several windows (4ft x 5ft) consisting of fused panels (12" x 18") which are held together by thick lead; these smaller panels, without lead, could also be used individually as small windows or affixed onto larger sandblasted glass panes.

One of the fascinating things about fused glass is that its beauty can be seen from both sides...

My next Fused Glass Workshop is at 2-4pm on Saturday 10th March 2018, where you can come and create your own A5 piece for hanging in a window or stand. Tea and cakes will be served.