Artist's Statement

The Anunciation, in ItalyI had worked as a painter for several years before becoming interested in stained glass. I usually painted on 6' canvases making semi-realistic figures out of objets trouves and any other leftovers - wood, plastic or metal - laying them on the canvas and spraying them with an industrial spray gun. I mix my own paints from ground pigments.

From there I moved onto making my own 3' paper paintings, again spraying the shapes of interesting objects, incorporating natural ingredients (beetroot, onions, leaves, etc.) while the paper was still wet, which at the same time tinted the paper with their particular dyes. This gave lovely textures, but the desire to bring more light to my work led me towards stained glass.

I started doing lead and light panels, using the lead lines to draw my semi-realistic figures in outline in the simplest way. Eventually I started to paint on glass and found that I could still use my original spray techniques. At that point, I found that a by-product of the glass cutting process was an assortment of unexpected shapes which could then be used for fusing into new work.

Nowadays the majority of my work is in fused glass.